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The Social Ministry Library is Located in Conference Room

Check Out Instructions:

Your full name and email address.
Book requesting (full listing can be found on the OHPC website – Social Justice)
Date when you will pick up your requested book.
Your selected book will be removed from the library shelf by the librarian and placed on the entryway table, at the back door entrance. The librarian will email you when your book is ready for pick up.
Books can be checked out for two weeks.
Please return your book to the "Book Return" bin under the table at the back entry door.
Your returned book will be cleaned and put into quarantine for 72 hours before it is returned to the library shelf.

Below is a list of the available books organized by category.


Not for me, please! I choose to act green: author Maria Godsey; illustrated by Christoph J Kellner. 2019.
Children Picturing God: author and illustrator Ruth Goring; 2019
For the Beauty of the Earth: Folliott Sandford Pierpoint. Illustrator Lucy Fleming. 2017.
The Fabulous World That God Made: Joyce K. Ellis with illustrations by Andrés F. Landazábal. 2019. Children
We Are Water Protectors: Written by Carole Lindstrom; Illustrations by Michaela Goade. 2020.
Freedom Soup: Tami Charles, Illustrator: Jacqueline Alcántara; 2019. Recipe included.
God’s Dream: Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Douglas Carlton Abrams; Illustrator: LeUyen Pham. 2008.
AntiRacist Baby. Ibram X. Kendi: Illustrator Ashley Lukashevsky. 2020. Board.
When God Made You. Matthew Paul Turner: Illustrator David Catrow. 2017.

Young Adults

No One Is Too Small To Make A Difference; Greta Thunberg.  2019.  Young Adult
A Long Walk to Water.  Linda Sue Park.  Ages 10 – 12.  
This Book Is Anti-Racist – 20 Lessons On How To Wake Up, Take Action, And Do The Work.  Tiffany Jewell; Illustrator Aurélia Durand.  2020.  Ages 11 and Up.
Not My Idea – A Book About Whiteness.  Written and Illustrated by Anastasia Higginbotham.  2018.  Ages 8 – 12 years. 
An Indigenous Peoples’ History Of The United States.  Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz.  2014. Adapted for Young People. (Located In Adult Section of Library)
Stamped – Racism, Antiracism, and You.  Jason Reynolds and Ibram X. Kendi.  Ages 13 and up and Grades 7 and up.
Look Both Ways – a tale told in ten blocks.  Jason Reynolds.  Ages 10 – 14.  Grades 5 -9.


Climate Justice:  Hope, Resilience, and the Fight for a Sustainable Future; Mary Robinson. 2019.
The End of Nature:  Bill McKibben.  2006.
Love In A Time Of Climate Change:  Honoring Creation, Establishing Justice.  Sharon Delgado.  2017.
A Watered Garden:  Christian Worship and Earth’s Ecology.  Benjamin M. Stewart.  2011. 
Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed To Reverse Global Warming. Edited by:  Paul Hawken.  2017.
On The (Burning) Case for a Green New Deal: Naomi Klein.2020
How To Avoid A Climate Disaster  - The Solutions We Have And The Breakthroughs We Need: Bill Gates.  2021.
Stony The Road – Reconstruction, White Supremacy, and The Rise Of Jim Crow: Henry Louis Gates, Jr.  2019.
How To Be An Antiracist:  Ibram X. Kendi.  2019.
Braiding SweetGrass – Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge, and the Teachings of Plants: Robin Wall Kimmerer.  2013.
Good White Racist?  Confronting Your Role in Racial Injustice:  Kerry Connelly.  2020.
White Fragility – Why It’s So Hard For White People To Talk About Racism: Robin Diangelo. 2018.
Caste – The Origins of Our Discontents:  Isabel Wilkerson.  2020.
An Indigenous Peoples’ History Of The United States: Roxanne Dumbar-Ortiz.  2014.
The Sum Of Us – What Racism Costs Everyone And How We Can Prosper Together: Heather McGhee.  2021.
On Juneteenth:  Annette Gordon-Reed. 2021.
Activist Theology:  Robin Henderson-Espinoza.  2019.
Separated – Inside an American Tragedy:  Jacob Soboroff.  2020.
This Land Is Our Land – An Immigrant's Manifesto:  Suketu Mehta.
Black Food Geographies:  Race, Self-Reliance, and Food Access in Washington, D.C: Ashantè M. Reese. 
Black Food Matters:  Racial Justice in The Wake of Food Justice: Hanna Garth and Ashantè M. Reese. 
Farming While Black – Soul Fire Farm's Practical Guide to Liberation on the Land:  Leah Penniman.

LBGTQIA Justice Books

The Fabulous World That God Made:  Joyce K. Ellis with illustrations by Andrés F. Landazábal.  2019.

A Quick & Easy Guide to They/Them Pronouns: Archie Bongiovanni & Tristan Jimerson.  2018
Shame-Less:  A Sexual Reformation:  Nadia Bolz-Weber.  2019.
Modern Kinship:  A Queer Guide to Christian Marriage: David & Constantino Khalaf.  2019.
Queer Theologies – the basics: Chris Greenough.  2020
Other Wise Christian – a guidebook for transgender liberation: Mx. Chris Paige.  2019
Bodies on the Verge – Queering Pauline Epistles:  Edited by Joseph A. Marchal.  2019.
Holy Love – A Biblical Theology For Human Sexuality: Steve Harper.  2011
“Mom, I’m Gay” – Loving Your LGBTQ Child and Strengthening Your Faith: Susan Cottreall.  2016.
She’s Not There – A Life In Two Genders: Jennifer Finney Boylan, 2003.
Dear Church – A Love Letter From A Black Preacher To The Whitest Denomination in the U.S.: Lenny Duncan.  2019.
One Coin Found- How God’s Love Stretches To The Margins: Emmy Kegler.  2019.
The Savvy Ally – A Guide for Becoming a Skilled LGBTQ+ Advocate: Jeannie Gainsburg.  2020.
Becoming Nicole:  The Transformation of an American Family: by Amy Ellis Nutt.  Winner of the Pultizer Prize