Art Gallery

Art Gallery Reopened

Below is the current schedule for the Art Gallery. New exhibits will be added as they are booked.

Artwork Schedule:

Thru October 31st                                                   Jessica Farley and Kathy Caprara                                        Mixed Media Artwork

 Come see the work of Jessi Farley, she is a self described "vagabond" artist since she wanders from different mediums, subjects and styles. She grew up in New Jersey, went to Lancaster Pa. for college but when she moved to Maine, she knew that is where she belonged and has never been more inspired.

Kathy Caprara is from New Jersey and her three dimensional sea shell art is something really special that is inspired
 by her walks on the beach.

Below are pictured a few of the pieces on display but be sure to check out Jessi's other beautiful pieces online at

Since our web pictures don't do it justice, make sure to stop by and see the artwork in person!





Calling All Artists!
We host a Community Art Gallery in our sanctuary where we hold worship. Our gallery has professional lighting and a gallery hanging system which enhances the artwork displayed. We are looking for artists to exhibit their artwork.

If you, or someone you know is interested in displaying their art, call or email the office to get on the schedule!