Adult Education

Adult Education Committee

is responsible for the overall organization, development, management, and improvement of educational programs for members of all ages. This committee will work in consultation/coordination with the pastor and by the authority of the Session.

Members of Committee:

  • Carol Petters, Chairperson
  • Judy Kohatsu
  • Bob Helsabeck
  • Alice Groome

Throughout the year various classes are offered on Sunday morning after worship.


Upcoming Adult Education Classes

On April 24th, Jeffrey Eaton will be presenting a class after worship entitled: “How Was Your Easter?"
There would be no Christian faith without Easter, but what is Easter and what does it mean? We will discuss Easter stories and explore Jesus' resurrection as an historical event.

On May 15th, Jeffrey Eaton will be presenting a class after worship entitled: "Is War Ever Just War"?
Using the ongoing attack on Ukraine, we will examine the "Just War" theory and what it says about war-making and Christianity.


Groups that are available and meet at the church:

Heart and Soul
Spiritual Conversations and Silence
10:00 am
2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month

Bible Study
10:00 am
3rd Tuesday of each month

 Men's Lunch and Conversation 
Announced on a monthly basis  

Community Art Gallery

We host a Community Art Gallery in the main room of our church where we worship. Our gallery has professional lighting and an art gallery hanging system. We invite local artists to contact us to exhibit their artwork. If you are interested call the church office or come by and visit us!