Adult Education

Adult Education Committee

is responsible for the overall organization, development, management, and improvement of educational programs for members of all ages. This committee will work in consultation/coordination with the pastor and by the authority of the Session.

Members of Committee:

  • Carol Petters, Chairperson
  • Judy Kohatsu
  • Bob Helsabeck
  • Alice Groome

Throughout the year various classes are offered on Sunday morning after worship.

November 14 & 21
January 16 & 23
March 20 & 27

BCC Comes to Ocean Heights
No that wasn’t the BBC, it’s the Basic Christian Community Bible study coming to Ocean Heights. Basic Christian Communities energized Christian teaching in Latin America in the late twentieth century. We (Alice and Judy) are offering this series of classes to build on the work that Jeff Eaton and the Session are doing in bringing our mission statement alive. Using the BCC model, we invite you to explore Scripture through study, retelling it in your own context, theologically reflecting on its meaning for your faith and your actions, and using spiritual reflection to deepen and strengthen your commitment to living in God’s way.

There will be three two-week sessions, beginning in November, reappearing in January, and March. Each of these sessions will engage the Scriptures through storytelling, discussion, art, and experience. As a preparation for Advent and Christmas, we begin in November by examining “Who is this Jesus who is being born into us this year?” We will start by examining two invitations to the birthing process. In January we continue by examining “what I am/we are called to be” as we consider Jesus’ first steps into ministry. In March we conclude by claiming the good news of Easter Resurrection as our own as we consider the resurrection from both Jesus’ and the disciples’ viewpoints as we seek to better understand what is being resurrected in our faith community and in ourselves.
       Alice Groome, Judy Kohatsu, Karin and John Nurnberger invite you to come and explore this faith walk we are taking as individuals and together as church!

Groups are available all meeting at the church:

Heart and Soul: Spiritual Conversations and Silence: 10:00 a.m. 
2nd and 4th Tues. of each month

Bible Study
3rd Tues. of each month at 10 a.m.

 Men's Lunch and Conversation 
Announced on a monthly basis  

Community Art Gallery

We host a Community Art Gallery in the main room of our church where we worship. Our gallery has professional lighting and an art gallery hanging system. We invite local artists to contact us to exhibit their artwork. If you are interested call the church office or come by and visit us!

Meditation Trail and Gardens

 Out behind the church building are 3 acres of beautiful trails and gardens featuring a labyrinth, zen garden, benches and so much more.