Simone Weil, Improbable Christian

Simone Weil, Improbable Christian
February 28
11:15 AM to 12:15 PM

Presented by Rev. Dr. Jeff Eaton

Simone Weil ("pronounced Vay) was in many respects a most reluctant Christian, a 20th-century left-wing mystic whose insights are invariably surprising and often shocking.  I offer one quotation to provoke interest in Weil:  "The danger is not lest the soul should doubt whether there is any bread [God], but lest, by a lie, it should persuade itself that it is not hungry.  It can only persuade itself of this by lying, for the reality of its hunger is not a belief, it is a certainty."  After a brief summary of Weil's biography, this class will look at some of the things she has said and see what we can make of them.